Pebble Creek HOA

Rules of the Pool   ***Please read update below***

The pool area is under video surveillance 24 hours a day.  Surveillance is monitored, recorded, and stored off site.  As mentioned below, violating the rules can result in suspension of a family’s pool privileges.  Vandalism may result in seasonal or permanent revocation of pool access and / or criminal charges.

Pebble Creek HOA maintains a pool for use by paying HOA members.  Dues must be current to access the pool.  No lifeguard is on duty and all occupants and swimmers enter and swim at their own risk.  Adults 18 and over are allowed guests but must maintain order and supervision.  The pool can not be “reserved”, but small parties for birthdays or other occasions are allowed.

Pool rules:

These rules will be enforced and failure to abide by these rules will result in SUSPENSION of pool privileges.

Pool Capacity: 82
Pool Address: 1408 Victoria Pl, Edmond, OK 73003
Pool licensed operator: Suzanne Ray
Pool managers: John Hamman